Hand Carved Picasso Marble Buffalo Zuni Fetish

$ 90

Artist Randy Lucio

Detailed little buffalo sculpture Hand Carved from Picasso marble with turquoise inlaid eyes. Picasso marble is a form of limestone that's mined in...
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Hand Carved Red Onyx Zuni Buffalo Fetish by Andres Quandelacy

$ 135

Artist Andres Quandelacy

This Zuni buffalo fetish was handcarved from a uniquely rich peice of onyx with deep burgandy hughes. Artfully accented with sleeping beauty turqu...
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Tagua Nut Zuni Buffalo Fetish by Abby Quam

$ 39

Artist Abby Quam

Abby Quam carved this incredible little Zuni buffalo fetish from Tagua Nut, a nut indigenous to the rainforests of South America and is known throu...
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