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Zuni, Hopi & Navajo Indian Fetishes-Southwestern turquoise & Sterling Silver Indian jewelry-Hopi & Zuni kachinas, Southwestern Indian pottery-Zuni, Navajo & Hopi Indian western sterling silver jewelry(earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins pendants, rings, belt buckles, fetish necklaces, key rings & money clips) beadwork.Turquoise Village deals directly with Zuni, Hopi & Navajo Indian artists to give you the finest quality Southwestern turquoise & sterling silver Indian jewelry, Zuni, Hopi & Navajo Indian fetishes, Hopi & Zuni kachinas, belt buckles, fetish necklaces & Southwestern Indian pottery(lots of Zuni & Hopi). Our turquoise & sterling silver Indian jewelry, includes turquoise bracelets(Hopi, Zuni, Navajo), turquoise necklaces, turquoise & red coral pins pendants, Hopi Sterling silver money clips & key rings, turquoise western belt buckles(Zuni, Navajo, Hopi), pins pendants, rings, turquoise & red coral earrings & fetish necklaces. All of our Indian jewelry & Zuni, Navajo & Hopi Indian fetishes are handmade original pieces of art(each fetish is one of a kind). We are the largest dealer of Zuni, Navajo & Hopi fetishes, Southwestern Indian pottery, southwestern turquoise & sterling silver Indian jewelry so we can offer you a huge selection, higher quality & better prices for Indian jewelry(earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins pendants, belt buckles, rings & fetish necklaces), Hopi Sterling silver Key Rings & Money clips, pottery & Zuni, Navajo & Hopi fetishes than any site. FREE SHIPPING & 100% money back guarantee on all our turquoise & sterling silver jewelry, pottery & other Hopi, Navajo & Zuni Southwestern products! Enjoy your shopping experience with our Zuni, Hopi & Navajo fetishes, Hopi & Zuni pottery, Beadwork (Zuni Beaded dolls) & southwestern turquoise, red coral & sterling silver Indian jewelry.

We specialize in fetishes & offer over 400 Zuni, Hopi & Navajo fetishes each Hand Made & each a Unique one of a kind creation.  We have many styles and types of Zuni Fetishes available for purchase at a special discounted price to the public.  We have a large supply of Zuni Bear Fetishes,  Corn Maiden Fetish CarvingsEagle Fetish Carvings, Buffalo / Bison Fetishes, Wolf Fetishes, Badger Fetishes, Owl Fetishes, Turtle Fetishes, Mountain Lion Fetishes, and many other carvings to choose from.  Be sure to check back at Turquoise Village often as our fetish inventory is updated on a weekly basis.

We would like to thank (elah-kwa)our wonderful Zuni,Hopi & Navajo Indian artists who make possible all the Southwestern turquoise, red coral & sterling silver jewelry (bracelets, pins pendants, earrings, belt buckles & necklaces), Hopi Key Rings & Money Clips, Beadwork-Zuni Beaded dolls, Zuni & Navajo & Hopi fetishes, Southwestern Indian pottery, Hopi & Zuni kachinas, fetish necklaces & fetishes we present on our site.


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