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Hopi Sun Kachina


Manufactured by: Wilmer Kaye
Model: k27

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Hopi Sun Kachina

This Sun Kachina is also known as Tawa or the Sun Shield kachina & is a representation of the spirit of the sun.  The sun kachina has an important part in Hopi myth, as the sun god was one of the founders of the Earth as we know it.  Tawa appears in a number of myths about creation. One myth explains sun god Tawa and the Earth goddess Kokyanwuhti were the only two beings that existed, with the former controlling the powers above and the latter in charge of the magic below. They created the Earth, to be in the middle of their two power zones, and all its inhabitants. Tawa would come up with the ideas for the living beings and Kokyanwuhti would make those beings out of clay.  This Beautiful work of art was Hand Carved from cottonwood root by Master Hopi carver Wilmer Kaye. His Lovely & Intricate carvings have won many awards & been featured on the cover of Arizona Highways magazine. Order this Museum Quality carving now & Enjoy! Signed Willmer Kaye. 14 3/8" tall- 2 1/4" wide- 2 1/4" deep. 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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